The makers

Our Story

Scott & Andrea Williams’s adventure in wine began many years ago in San Luis Obispo California where they first met as college students. As a husband and wife team, with their four sons, they have traversed the gamut of the premium wine business on the Central Coast for nearly 30 years as the purveyors of Depalo & Sons, Specialty Provisions, Spirits and Fine Wines. Over that time, they have had the fortune to refine alliances with the Central Coast’s finest winemaking families and grape growers. They started Mattina Fiore Wines in 2011 to deliver elegantly crafted wines worthy of San Luis Obispo’s history of exquisite winemaking from its captivating premium vineyards. Mattina Fiore is a celebration of this passion and a tribute to their rich ancestry.

The Winemaker

Robert Henson’s wine making philosophy was founded with the goal of producing wines that not only taste good but also express a sense of place. Working closely with small, sustainable farmers on the Central Coast of California. In order to bring the unique signature of each vineyard into the glass, there is a minimalist approach to everything he does. Grapes are hand harvested and fermented in small batches. Even then, only select barrels are selected and blended for Mattina Fiore Wines.